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Nursery & Landscaping

Our Rescued and Recycled Plant Nursery. We don’t just rescue building materials – we recycle the green world too. It was a natural progression for Natural House Builders to establish a unique plant nursery, where almost all our stock is rescued from private and commercial demolition sites. 

Natural House Builders’ Recycled Plant Nursery. When private homes or commercial sites are renovated or demolished, the site is most often leveled – and this means some of the victims almost always include perfectly healthy plants. People do not always understand that’s it is absolutely possible to re-home plants, so just like precious fixtures and hardwoods, living plants are often relegated to the scrap-heap. Our aim is to source plants and materials from these sites prior to demolition and find new homes for them. This approach has many advantages for the home owner too.

The benefits 
of recycling plants. Plant transplanting has a high success rate and makes a significant contribution to the environment – and transplanting mature plants gives your garden beauty immediately. There’s no waiting time - the plant has achieved significant growth, flowering ability, and desired height. Instant screening and decorative gardening solutions are achievable, without years of waiting for your plants to grow.
So many plants are suitable for propagation, especially aromatic frangipanis and bright succulents. Wherever possible, we take cuttings from parent-plants and propagate them. This is an effective method of producing many more healthy plants from the original parent-plant, and supporting old and unusual varieties you won’t always find in commercial nurseries.

Care and maintenance of our plants. All plants are re-potted, fertilized, watered and cared for during and after the transplantation process. Only healthy flourishing plants are selected and available for sale.

Plant varieties 

  • Frangipani
  • Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia)

  • Bangalow, Rhapis and Golden
Cane Palms

  • Bird’s Nest and Tree Ferns

  • Dracaena

  • Bromeliads

  • Succulents such as Agaves

Landscape materials. We also rescue, rework and recycle landscaping materials, including sandstone flagging, sandstone blocks, bush rock, brick pavers and river stone. These, like our homes, are warm, unique and full of personality.

*Please note that stocks may vary depending upon availability. Other plant varieties may also be available from time to time.

A small part of our unique plant recycling nursery.

Building Green With Environmental Design Natural Clay Finishes In Endless Colours We Love To Help!

A small part of our nursery.

Healthy & established plants.

One of our green houses.

Varieties incl. Frangipani.

We also do landscaping.

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